June Blog Hop Colour theme: Sapphire, Glacier & Whisper


Welcome to the winter with June Blog Hop.  If you have come here from Kerry's great blog page, then you are on our fabulous Blog Hop for this month. Our theme is to use the colours Sapphire, Glacier and Whisper and create!!

I started with 2 blank pages and began to play. First I found a great background pattern that could be cut out on my circuit machine. Oh what fun, with the simple push of a few buttons.

 Background patter is in Glacier and the strip of dots with Sapphire. I used our Bonding Memories Pen to stick it down. This is the left side of the double page spread. 

On the right side I decided to do something different but connected to the left side. Used a smaller version of the background arrow and the strip of dots vertical rather than horizontal!  

Now for one of the fun parts adding the photos. I used the Whisper card stock to mount them on.

To help the photos stand out I used the sanding kit to bring a white edge to each of the photos! Photos are dated and waiting…
April Blog Hop: Inspired by Pinterest
If you have arrived here from Kerry's Blog then you are on the right track for our wonderful little Blog Hop. This way you can "hop" from one blog to another, with a few clicks to gain an abundance of ideas!
Have you been to Pinterest? It has many different ideas on all sorts of topics. This time I typed in double page, scrapbook layout, templates. When the search was completed, I randomly scrolled down to find this sketch. 
I really love this sketch, as I think it would be a great way to use up some of my old paper with some of my current paper!  Although this sketch has a christmas theme, I am going to use is for something completely different! This sketch was created by Sussan Stringfellow. 

When I first saw the sketch I was thinking it would be great to use lots of different shades of blue. But then I went to find some photos and changed my mind. Blue, green, purple and neutral seemed to work the best. As I don't have the measure…

Cut Above™ Layout Kit by Close To My Heart

Hi All,

I am sorry I have been rather quiet lately, for two reasons. One is I am having to get used to wearing glasses when on computer, or trying to write or read! That is why there have been some mistakes in my previous posts as I have had blurred vision. (guessing mistakes can follow as I adjust to wearing glasses) As my son said, he now understands how I loose my glasses as I don't have to wear them all the time like he does!

The second reason is that I have been very busy completing my dads album (nearly done - just waiting for my dad to go through it to see if there are any mistakes) and our 2015 family album. So close to the end I am just addicted to finish them!

But along the way I have found this cute video of our Cut Above Layout Kits as they are half price this month. They are so quick and easy to do! And there is nothing wrong if you want to change the patter up a little or add some different colours to them!

Enjoy! Look forward to out Blog…
March Blog Hop Colour challengeBlack, Whisper and Sea Glass!

Oh what a challenge for this month. If you have come from Kerry's Blog then you are on the right track!
Although I like these colours it gave me the freedom that I was not sure what to do! But I was inspired by Alison Dunn as she had recently copied the "My Beautiful Life" page from the Seasonal Expressions catalog (page 22).  Now I have the idea and paper colours ready, do I have the stamp? Yes! Thanks to Close To My Heart, they gave us the B1548 Journaling Prompts stamp at our conference last year. So love all the free goodies we receive at convention!
Lets get started! Sea glass is going to be my base, so the next piece needed to be patterned! I used the D1709 Line It Up Stamp, which came with my new Flower Cartridge for my circuit machine. I didn't need to stamp the entire page, just around the edge. I did miss it in a few spots, went back over it with some random stamping. Look funny now but in the end i…
February Stamp Of The Month:

Have you seen our February Stamp Of the Month? Here it is:

This stamp is only available for the Month of February. There are 3 ways you can get this stamp this month! One is to purchase it for $27, secondly you can purchase it of $7.50 when you order $75 of any wonderful Close To My Heart products and the last way is to receive it for FREE when you become a consultant this month!  Not only will you receive your $75 in FREE select product rewards but you also receive February, March and April Stamp of the Months for FREE! This makes the consultant kit worth more that the purchase price of $129!!
As for this stamp I am not really one who sends Easter cards or does much with a bunny at Easter. But I really love the saying "There's nobunny like you"  Here are some photos from Pinterest with this stamp.

And here are some photos of the stamp combined with the Hello Lovely paper!

I wonder what creations you could come up with this Stamp.

Happy Scra…
19 Signs You're a true Crafter: Oh I just love this post on our Close To My Heart Blog! So many of them are so true to me. Which ones do you like most of all?

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